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I’m Krystel, I work remotely since 2015 as a freelancer in Digital Marketing and I’m also a consultant specialized in remote work. I help people like you to create their job dream and adapt to the future present of work.

I helped +100 people to discover a new way to work. Now it's your turn

In 2015 I created my own job on Digital and Content Marketing from scratch, without any connections or portfolio.

In 2016, I wanted to share all of my joy of working remotely and be able to travel in Europe, so I create a blog. The blog, called Nomadismo Digital Portugal (means Digital Nomadism in Portuguese) became huge in Portugal, and I was being contacted by the Portuguese media to speak about remote work and freelancing. On television, radio, newspapers, magazines or podcasts, I was happy to become a reference on the field in my own country!

In 2017 I moved with my husband to Palo Alto, California, and I scaled my business: I was working for clients in Portugal, helping them create their own brands, business and own jobs. More than that: people discovered that it’s possible to have meaningful professional lives.

Now I want to do the same for everyone, not only for Portuguese people. I hope you take this ride with me: you’ll enjoy!

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