Freelance Proposals: why aren’t your proposals approved?

Freelance Proposals Approved

Freelance proposals are one of the regular tasks that we need to deal with. Once you realize how much you want to charge for a project, it’s time to let your client know that amount with a great proposal.

If it’s your first job as a freelancer, let me tell you one thing.

It’s common to hear from your client, even before freelance proposals are sent to them, that if the proposal is “good”, you will have more work in the future. I can’t even tell you how many times I heard that on all of my years working as a freelancer.

Also, it’s not a surprise that, in the end, on our first jobs as freelancers, our proposals are too lows comparing with the work that we put into it. To avoid this, you’ll need practice, so the more you work, the better you will get to know what is your “perfect” proposal.

For good freelance proposals, don’t lower your price down

Don’t lower your price just because your client says that your price and proposal it’s too high.

I have a strategy when I have a client that tells me that my price is too high.

Instead of lowering the value of my work and time, I defend my proposal with irrefutable arguments such as the quality of my work, my availability to review the work after delivery, the support that I provide during and after the project or the quality of my portfolio.

Also, another practice that I put in place sometimes is to have a payment in 2 or 3 times.

Send an amazing proposal

In your proposal, don’t send only the final price. Create an amazing presentation of you, your work and the value that the client will get with you.

Pay attention to every detail of the client’s needs, find problems that even your client didn’t notice, be thorough in the details and explain everything you’re going to do in your work.

Get your client excited about the outcome of your work. After all, this will make it more likely that you will accept your freelance proposal without hesitation!

Follow the AIDA model in your freelance proposals

The AIDA model is a marketing model that can help you build compelling proposals.

AIDA stands for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action and is a set of steps that you can think of when you are writing your freelance proposals:

  • Attention: Your client needs to know exactly what you are selling;
  • Interest: He needs to be interested in your services to pay attention to all the details that you are presenting to him;
  • Desire: You need to make him want your services – be persuasive!
  • Action: By going through all the previous steps, it will be dying to work with you!

One more important thing: all the steps that you accomplish on your proposal must be completed. Your client needs to be 100 percent satisfied with your work. Don’t sell more than what you can do!

Originally posted on my Portuguese website

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