Learn how you can work from home whatever your field of expertise is

Work from Home: Innovative and exciting ideas that will motivate you - Krystel Leal

Deconstruct your job so you can work from home whatever your field of expertise is.

Working from home seems to be a desire for more and more people.

One of the things I hear a lot is: “Working as a remote worker or working from home is not for everyone“.

Work from home is for everyone?

I talked about this question in the interview with the journalist and radio host Ana Galvão on Rádio Renascença (if you understand Portuguese, you can listen to the interview clicking here).

I’m never tired of repeating that I believe that working from home and remotely is for all people (if they want to make the leap) and for all professional fields.

But saying this, it’s not the same as saying that every kind of work and task can be done from home. To clarify, professional fields and jobs are two different things.

Unquestionably, not all tasks you perform in your “traditional” job can be done remotely. However, your work field can be adapted to a remote activity, and you can still be a professional in this field working from home if you wish.

And this post it’s about this: the adaption of “traditional” jobs to work from home or remote work.

Over the last few years, I have met a lot of people and helped many of them during my consulting processes, in my membership platform or my online courses. Particularly, I helped several people find services they could offer remotely using what they already know.

Many of them choose tasks that they were already doing on their jobs and adapted them to remote work.

Others had to reinvent themselves and think outside the box. Basically, they found totally new and innovative services so they could work from home.

If you’re at a stage where you want to start working from home remotely but have no idea what you can do, this article is for you.

While I will probably not be able to suggest options for all areas and professions, you have a lot of ideas. I tried to present numerous examples that may inspire you to find your own ideas.

How can I start work from home in my field of experience?

Agriculture / Gardening / Agronomy

Work from home on the Agriculture / Gardening / Agronomy fields - Krystel
Work from home – Agriculture / Gardening / Agronomy

Are you a gardener? Agriculture or agronomy is your field of experience? These topics are more than a professional area: they are a niche!

Although it is viewed as a work that needs to be executed in the field, you have some choices here.

But if you want to move away from the responsibility of having to be physically present, here are some service ideas you can offer remotely:

  • Expert Consulting via Skype
  • Development of specific planning or planting projects for companies
  • Independent research and analysis of gardening and agricultural products
  • Online content that teaches gardening and farming techniques to individuals
  • Writing and content production for specialized companies

For example, the US Department of Agriculture publishes recurring job offers with jobs and tasks that can be done remotely. Even if you don’t work for the US Department of Agriculture, these offers can give you an idea of ​​what you can offer as a remote worker. Click here to see these offers that allow Americans to work from home.

Architecture / Civil Engineering

Work from home - Architecture / Civil Engineering fields
Work from home – Architecture / Civil Engineering

Do you have a degree in architecture or civil engineering?

Tasks that involve regular site visits can’t be done remotely. But there are other types of services that architects and civil engineers can offer remotely to be able to work from home.

Some ideas are:

  • Project management
  • Expert Consulting via Skype
  • Creation of projects for individuals, such as space management or DIY remodeling
  • Online courses to help architecture and civil engineering students

In Upwork, you can sometimes find job offers related to these fields of expertise. Follow the keywords related to your interest and apply for exciting and remote offers.

Nursing / Medicine

Work from home - Nursing / Medicine fields
Work from home – Nursing / Medicine

A doctor has to be in contact with your patient. However, if you are a nurse or doctor and want to work from home without giving up your passion, there are some services you can offer.

Today, at the slightest sign of discomfort or discomfort, people search the internet for an answer or medical help.

With such incorrect information online, it is urgent to create accurate, real, and professional content. Why not take this opportunity?

Some service ideas you can offer remotely are:

  • Phone or Skype support for patients or patients
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Assistance in reading and understanding medical reports and analysis
  • Creation of specialized documentation on common illnesses or viruses
  • Production of specialized internal content for hospitals or clinics.
  • Commercial representation of hospitals or clinics, professionally presenting their services, enhancing sales and promotion of space.
  • A certified nurse or doctor can also join other professionals such as nutritionists or personal trainers and create a unique service that supports people with accurate and accredited information.

Also, with the increase of medical apps, more and more first consultations are made through apps or video conferences. Check on FlexJobs for some inspiring ideas on these.

Arts / Painting / Crafts

Work from home - Arts / Painting / Crafts fields
Work from home – Arts / Painting / Crafts

Local and artisanal commerce is increasingly in demand. Finding services that allow you to work from home in this field of expertise will not be complicated.

Whether painting, crafts, sewing, or collage, there are several services you can create and develop remotely:

  • Create content that teaches people how to create their own products
  • Open an online store selling handcrafts (on Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify…)
  • Creation of specific and customized products for companies and individuals

Economics / Accounting / Finance

Work from home - Economics / Accounting / Finance fields
Work from home – Economics / Accounting / Finance

These are one of the fields that I believe can be applied very successfully to remote work. With the rise of digital entrepreneurs and remote workers, the doubts about money and accountability are increasing.

Economists, accountants, and financial managers are in demand… and I speak for myself! It took me a long time to find accountants who provided services entirely remotely.

Some ideas for digital services these areas can provide are:

  • Expert Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Individual and professional financial management advice
  • Support for people that want to start their own business and LLC’s
  • Creating financial strategy plans
  • Content production for financial management and family budget support
  • Support for an organized and simplified accounting
  • Expense and revenue tracking for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Beauty / Fashion

Work from home - Beauty / Fashion fields
Work from home – Beauty / Fashion

Create (another…) blog or YouTube channel are not the only ways to work online on beauty and fashion. Some ideas for beauty and fashion services might be:

  • One-to-one Skype lessons of make-up or style
  • Production of fashion and beauty content that helps people to adopt daily practices that are more in line with what they want
  • Creation of digital fashion magazines
  • Support bloggers and digital influencers in organizing and visually presenting their digital presence
  • Trend analysis for small and medium businesses or startups

Commercial / Sales

Work from home - Commercial / Sales fields
Work from home – Commercial / Sales

Is commercial speech one of your skills? The one-to-one communication runs in your blood, and do you know how to convince a person to buy a particular product or service? Working from home with your skills won’t be complicated!

We see a lot of offers for salespersons on the digital, especially at this time when most sales are mostly made online. Some services you can offer are:

  • Be part of a marketing team to support the production of commercial content and strategies
  • Consulting for businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow and drive sales
  • B2B or B2C marketing content creation for sales funnel integration
  • Customer support on e-commerce sites and online sales
  • Commercial representative for companies, creating proposals and partnerships

Peak Sales Recruiting has published a great article with 14 expert tips to become a successful remote salesperson. Click here to read it.

Communication / Marketing

Work from home - Communication / Marketing
Work from home – Communication / Marketing

Communication and marketing are some of the most natural fields of expertise to adapt to digital services, making it an excellent option for working from home… but it takes a lot of work and motivation to be profitable!

There are more and more offers, but also more and more changes and evolutions. As a professional of communication in the digital, you need to push yourself always to be updated about the trends and new technologies.

But on the other hand – and luckily for me, since I work as a digital marketing freelancer – there is also an increasing need and demand. Here are some service ideas that a professional of these fields of expertise can offer remotely:

  • Social media management for small and medium businesses and startups
  • Creation of optimized content to convert to sales or visits
  • Creation of strategic plans for digital or physical projects
  • Personal and business communication consultancy, supporting for example who wants to communicate better in public presentations or job interviews
  • Market reports and studies for companies or entrepreneurs (understanding data will become more and more important)

To sell your communication and marketing services, you must present yourself as an outstanding professional.

Take care of your image, take care of your social networks, and introduce yourself with intelligence and professionalism.

Sports / Fitness

Work from home - Sports / Fitness
Work from home – Sports / Fitness

The increased concern for well-being and health has led the people to practice more sports. It is more natural to see people running and looking for more affordable or fun alternatives to the traditional gyms.

Many people want to do sports at home, but do not know where to start – the only way that they see sometimes is to buy a Peloton… and well, it’s not the only option. Why not offer your services? This will allow you to work from home and provide a differentiated service to people! Here are some ideas:

  • Custom lessons via Skype
  • Online individual fitness courses that teach people to practice sports at home simply, safely and healthily
  • Creating sports plans according to each person’s needs and goals
  • Content about pre and post sport heating and sports massage

Law / Advocacy

Work from home - Law / Advocacy
Work from home – Law / Advocacy

Like the areas of accounting and economics, the scope of ​​the law is very solicited by remote workers and digital entrepreneurs.

Questions regarding employment contracts, customer issues, trademark registrations, or copyright disputes are among the most recurring legal searches for remote workers and digital entrepreneurs.

If you work on the legal field, take this opportunity to create a range of services that allow you to work from home, such as:

  • Legal advice to entrepreneurs and startups
  • Support in the creation of contracts
  • Assistance in business creation and trademark registration
  • Managing and communicating with customers or partners with whom the business or individual sare having a dispute or conflict.
  • Legal advice to companies and entrepreneurs

Education / Training

Work from home - Education / Training
Work from home – Education / Training

Today people want to learn more and know more, but they want to learn in their own time. They search for flexibly. They want to access the content at the moment they want it and where they want it.

Teachers and educators need to adapt to this new reality. Some ideas are:

  • Online Course Creation (on Udemy or creating your own courses on Teachable or Thinkific)
  • Writing digital books and activity books
  • Student support via Skype
  • Creating educational materials for schools and universities
  • Online lessons through platforms such as Tutor or Verbling

Giving support through the internet not only allows students greater flexibility. It also helps them become more motivated, as it shows that the tutor can adapt to the reality of the new generation.

Do you want to teach in person while you travel? It is also possible! If you are an English teacher, there is a huge demand. Countries that do not have English as their official language but which, due to economic growth, are increasingly dealing with English, are an excellent destination for you.

School support centers or language centers are desperately looking for teachers or English-speaking people. In Asia, the requirements are a high school degree and an excellent level of English.

Some centers ask for a language certificate like TEFL (which can be done online). Many of these contracts are only a few months old, which turns out to be great for continuing to travel.

Secretarial / Administration

Work from home - Secretarial / Administration
Work from home – Secretarial / Administration

Secretarial and administrative jobs are, even on an “office” basis, almost always done in front of the computer. So… why not start working from home?

Today we are talking more and more about virtual assistants, and it is no coincidence: it is possible to do this work from home!

Some remote service ideas you can offer are:

  • Support in the management of small businesses and startups
  • Help in financial administration and operational processes such as invoices, emails, calendar management, document organization, etc
  • Educational/Training content for individuals or entrepreneurs on practical issues such as document organization and agenda management
  • Email response and internal communication management
  • Call handling and meeting management

Nutrition / Food / Cooking

Work from home - Nutrition / Food / Cooking
Work from home – Nutrition / Food / Cooking

They are two very distinct professions, but nutritionists and cooks have similar opportunities when it comes to remote work.

Talking about food blogs is becoming standard, but the opportunities related to food go beyond that! Some ideas for digital services might include:

  • Skype individual nutrition consultations
  • Support and guidance in organizing family food purchases
  • Online cooking workshops and webinars
  • Preparation of specific recipes and menus according to nutritional needs and customer goals
  • Development of recipes and menus for businesses and canteen locations, focusing for example on increasing productivity and people concentration
  • Creating recipe ebooks


Work from home - Photography
Work from home – Photography

A photographer is already himself a “digital nomad.” A camera already can be used anywhere and anytime. And a photographer can make a lot of money even without having a fixed contract with any company.

Some digital service ideas you can follow as a Photographer are:

  • Create beginner photography content in the form of online courses, videos, blog or digital books
  • Sell ​​photographs in stock photos like iStock, SmugMug, Creative Market, Envato or Fotolia (Adobe Stock)
  • Work for a business, online store or entrepreneur by taking specific photos
  • Process, edit and assemble images and photographs

Travel / Tourism

Work from home - Travel / Tourism
Work from home – Travel / Tourism

If your field of expertise is travel or tourism, your opportunities don’t end in hotels, restaurants, or cruises.

Here are some ideas for digital services that professionals in this area can offer:

  • Consulting for small hotels and inns, focusing on strategic issues, tourism potential, internal management, etc.
  • Organization of events, conventions, congresses, and fairs
  • Development of marketing plans and strategy for tourist sites
  • Support new hotels or touristic businesses in attracting new customers
  • Digital content creation with reviews of new tourist sites

If you want to embrace the nomadic side of the term “Digital Nomadism,” you can work while you travel to discover new tourist sites and work for each one.

The World Packers site allows you to find job opportunities in various locations by exchanging your services for accommodation and/or food. Click here to learn more.

Multimedia / Video / Design

Work from home - Multimedia / Video / Design
Work from home – Multimedia / Video / Design

Offers on these fields already exist a lot, so if you want to work remotely on digital or multimedia, you need to know how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Some service ideas you can offer to work from home in these fields of expertise are:

  • Video or image editing for YouTubers, bloggers or online content producers
  • Creation of websites, blogs, and digital products
  • Work for companies in drafting their documents and materials
  • Branding and stationery creation for digital projects, entrepreneurs and companies

Websites like Upwork are full of offers for jobs in these areas.

Work from home means thinking outside the box

All the knowledge you have can be monetized. Whether it is through a blog, video lessons, or an ebook, there are a lot of people who want to know what you know and learn from you.

We all have knowledge of something, and we all are good at something.

To reach that outcome, take a break and make a list of everything that you are good at. With this list, think of services you can offer that allows you to work from home.

You can be good at cleaning the house, organizing objects, playing PlayStation, or driving. Each of these pieces of knowledge can be monetized so that you can become, thanks to what you know, a digital nomad!

You are good at cleaning your house?

Why not create a website where you give advice and tips on how to clean the house? Many people are looking for faster, cheaper, ecological, or zero waste ways to clean and tidy up the house themselves. Still, they don’t know where to look.

  • You can also teach recipes to make products.
  • You can also create a platform where people submit problems they encounter at home (“How to get paint off the wood?”; “How to quickly remove limescale from the washing machine?”, etc.).
  • You can even create ebooks or videos showing the techniques. An example of such content is the Clean My Space blog and channel.

Good at organizing?

You can make content teaching organizational tips! Videos with tips on how to organize kitchen or cabinet shelves are viral on the internet. Content about the organization is one of the biggest trends at the moment.

People try to organize the house more effectively, so they don’t waste time searching for particular objects. The organization is not just about decoration. You can also give tips on how to pack your travel backpack or organize the daily schedule.

Good at playing PlayStation?

Some of the most famous and highest-paid YouTubers in the world are from the gaming industry. There is an increasing demand for game-related content. You can make content with reviews or tips for a game.

You can give more technical tips by teaching people how to play a particular game. Or even strategic tips for those who want to play better. The ways to monetize this passion are many!

Good at driving?

Give tips on how to memorize some parts of the driving lessons! Retain speeds limits, BAC limits, or penalties – it’s not easy. You can also answer questions for those who are now studying for the driving tests.

And why not even give driving tips? There is so much content sought by those who are getting a driving license. An example of such material is the Road Test Success channel.

Your professional area was not explored in this article? Leave a comment with your question, and I will try to give you some digital service ideas you can offer so that you could work from home remotely!

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